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Alissa Neu - VIP Sedan and Limousine

Alissa Neu - VIP Sedan and Limousine

August 20, 2019

On Episode 18 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly chats with Alissa Neu, General Manager of VIP Sedan and Limousine, and they talk about ALL things transportation! (Believe us – there’s SO much you didn’t think about that would make your day SO much smoother. You’ll be glad you listened to this one.)

VIP has served the Omaha community for seventeen years, and from the very beginning has aimed to provide customers with a customized, fun, and SAFE experience. Alissa mentions that transportation is something most people don’t really think about, but having a plan is so incredibly beneficial. After talking to her about what that looks like, we entirely agree!

Alissa’s background is in hospitality and nonprofits. (3:10) This background gave her a really interesting, people-focused perspective on what she does for VIP.

Alissa goes over things customers may not know about VIP and the transportation industry in general (3:35), and the small, yet very important, details you probably have never considered. (Including chauffeur training. You don’t WANT your wedding chauffeur and a corporate chauffeur to act the exact same way, do you? VIP knows this.)

Alissa talks about how unlike many other wedding service providers, most couples never meet with her face-to-face, (7:00) but couples are always invited to come see the vehicles before the big day. She does, however, carefully plan with each couple, whether it be in person or by phone. By talking to the couple, Alissa helps customize a transportation plan that truly meets their needs… whether they thought of them or not! Do you know how gramma and grandpa are getting home? You didn’t really think about that? No worries! Alissa is on it!

She also shares specific planning details you may have not thought of yet, but will want to if you’re planning a wedding (9:50). You’ll be shocked you didn’t think of them before, but SO glad you did now.

This episode gets us thinking about these, and so many day-of details we’re SO much better off for considering. They’re just another thing to tick off the list to make your wedding day THAT much smoother.

We hope you learn as much as we did!

Brett Brooner - Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Brett Brooner - Nebraska Wedding Photographer

August 13, 2019

On today’s episode of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly talks to the awesome Brett Brooner of Brett Brooner Photography.  

While Brett used to dabble in videography, and shoot everything and anything, he has now focused his energy entirely on wedding photography (2:10) with the occasional family shoot.

 Brett talks about his close relationship with his family (2:40) and how it has influenced his career success and philosophy, and what he likes doing with his spare time (5:00) as well as his adventures as a newlywed and new homeowner.

As we love doing around here, Brett tells us three things we don’t know about him (7:55).  I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say the first thing involves eating nothing but apple juice and ensure for MONTHS.

Kelly and Brett also chat about enneagram numbers, and their shared seven qualities (12:00) including starting projects… and dragging their feet on finishing them (14:45).

As many who know him may be aware of, Brett notoriously sold a major Instagram account, and many have wondered what he sold it for. He reveals the big number (15:30) and HOLY SMOKES! Sign us up! He talks through what the world of Instagram business looks like, and shares a lot of really interesting information on how to leverage social media in the most effective way possible (17:00) as well as his very unique and interesting business experience when it comes to running and creating major social media accounts.

 Brett talks about taking a risk in quitting his full-time job to pursue his passions (18:00) and it’s inspiring, to say the least. Let’s just say this episode will make you want to pack your bags and hit the open road!

 Most of us may not be able to pack up the truck and go on a cross-country adventure. Fortunately, listening to Brett is the next best thing!


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Carrie Dayton - Nebraska Wedding Planner Pt. 2
Carrie Dayton - Nebraska Wedding Planner Pt. 1

Carrie Dayton - Nebraska Wedding Planner Pt. 1

July 23, 2019

Today we welcome Carrie Dayton to the show. We discuss her LOVE of weddings and how she is a veteran in the wedding industry. She shares some tips on how to handle sticky family situations for newer planners as well as good advice for the planning couple! 

Ben Ramos - Midwest Wedding Photographer

Ben Ramos - Midwest Wedding Photographer

July 16, 2019

In this episode, Kelly chats with Ben Ramos -a wedding lifestyle and portrait photographer based out of Chicago, with an interesting Nebraska tie.  

As in every episode, Ben chats about three things people don’t know about him, which is a CHALLENGE, seeing as he’s a totally open book!  Fortunately for us, his fun facts come with restaurant recommendations.

 He also discusses major mistakes and lessons he’s learned along the road, including not letting pride in your artistry get in the way of making your customer happy. He also stresses that contracts are SO important (In fact, he says it TWICE) so learn from Ben, folks. Don’t skimp out on your contract! He gives a few specific examples of just how important that is.

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Nathaniel Jensen - Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Nathaniel Jensen - Nebraska Wedding Photographer

July 2, 2019

This week, Kelly is joined by Nate Jensen of Nathaniel Jensen Photography to discuss his journey from music into photography. They also talk about the beginnings of the Creatives Collaborative movement and how it was Nate's low-key way of hanging with the photographers he wanted to learn from (kind of like this podcast!). 

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Jen Mrsny - Nebraska Wedding Planner

Jen Mrsny - Nebraska Wedding Planner

June 18, 2019

Jen Mrsny of Cherry on Top Events by Jen joins Kelly to talk all about her love and passion for wedding planning. She shares about her tattoos, planning her own wedding and her love for the off-beat bride!