Nebraska Wedding Podcast
Audra Pace

Audra Pace

February 15, 2020

Kelly is joined by Audra Pace, owner of Dream Big Events in Omaha. They chat about all things wedding planning and advice Audra has for couples.

Ashley Nicole - Nebraska Luxury Wedding Photographer

Ashley Nicole - Nebraska Luxury Wedding Photographer

February 7, 2020

On Episode 27 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly sits down for a chat with Ashley from Ashley Nicole Photography to talk all things wedding photography!

Ashley is a film and digital wedding photographer based out of Omaha. She focuses on offering a unique, personal connection with each couple to most genuinely capture natural, timeless images of their special day. (0:58)

Ashley started photography in high school as part of the yearbook staff, but set it aside in college seeing it as more of a “hobby” than a full-time career. In 2008, after taking a corporate job, she came across a blog that reignited her interest and passion in the art. She decided to get her hands on a new camera and start her old interest back up. (2:24) Meanwhile, she continued to work full time. In In 2015, Ashley was unexpectedly laid off from her job, but she quickly saw the silver lining: this was her opportunity to fully dive into her passion for photography. (3:27) She has now been running her own photography business full-time for over 5 years.

In this episode, Kelly and Ashley chat about photography, her other artistic mediums, her new studio space, and the beautiful family inspiration behind it.

Ashley then speaks on what she wishes couples knew going in to their wedding day (10:00) and the importance of trusting the vendors they’ve hired. At the end of the day, the planning should be DONE by time the wedding day rolls around – and couples should relax and let the professionals do their jobs on the big day. (12:20)

She highly recommends engagement sessions as an opportunity to get to know photographers and figure out if the couple “clicks” with the one they’ve chosen. Personality conflicts should be figured out before the big day – and this is the perfect way to gauge that compatibility.  

Ashley also touches on how to figure out if a bride has found “the one.”  Nope! Not the right groom, but the right photographer! Because there IS a right photographer for each bride. (17:00) It’s all about knowing what aesthetic they’re really drawn towards, and keeping that in mind as they search.

Ashley also touches on the new vlogging project she’s working on to help educate brides on what they’re going to need to know while planning their wedding. (23:00) She’ll include topics such as timelines, contracts from a bride’s standpoint, and advice for their wedding day as a whole.

You can find more info on Ashley, as well as her gorgeous work at or on Instagram @AshleyNicoleCreative

Jessica Thompson - Embassy Suites Old Market

Jessica Thompson - Embassy Suites Old Market

January 3, 2020

Join us as we interview Jessica Thompson from Embassy Suites Omaha Old Market! We talk all about their latest remodel, some questions that couples should be asking venues and the best things that the Embassy Suites can offer couples getting married!

To contact Jessica directly email her here

This episode is sponsored by Events Etcetera! Visit them here

Alyson Junge - Attitude on Food - Nebraska Wedding Caterer
Joel and Kate Rudloff - A Final Take Films & DJ

Joel and Kate Rudloff - A Final Take Films & DJ

December 13, 2019

For Episode 23 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly is joined by Joel and Kate Rudloff of A Final Take Films and DJ.

 Joel and Kate specialize in handcrafted commercial and wedding films, as well as provide premier sound entertainment and Emcee services for special events, parties, and weddings.

Theresa Farrage - The Scoular Ballroom Omaha
Jocelyn Robertshaw - Tips and Tricks for the Best Wedding Dress Experience

Jocelyn Robertshaw - Tips and Tricks for the Best Wedding Dress Experience

November 22, 2019

For Episode 22 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly sits down with Jocelyn Robertshaw of Ready or Knot Weddings.

Kelly and Jocelyn go way, WAY back. Why? Well, Kelly actually bought her own wedding dress at Ready or Knot almost seven years ago.  The rest is history, of course! 

Before Ready or Knot, Jocelyn worked in corporate America, traveling constantly. She soon realized that lifestyle simply wasn’t for her. She was born to be an entrepreneur.

In August of 2011, Ready or Knot was born. (2:00) 

Jocelyn is originally from a teeny town one hour west of Lincoln – Aurora, Nebraska. From there, she moved to Kansas City, where she worked in the healthcare industry and sold hearing aids for years.  She’s been married for six years and has three children of her own. So while her life has changed quite drastically over the years, one thing has remained constant – her love for fashion and weddings. (5:00)

As always, Kelly asks what three things we may not know about Jocelyn are – and they are indeed surprising! Let’s just say that’s not how you’d expect someone in the wedding industry to get married! (8:19)

Jocelyn talks about things she’s run in to in the wedding industry that have turned her in to the pro she is today. Long story short: learn to READ a person’s Pinterest board.  (10:00) She also explains the things you need to know before you come in for your dress. (10:40) Figure out who you want to be on the day of your wedding – and make sure that person is ACTUALLY YOU! “Be the most beautiful version of yourself.” (11:30)

In the era of “Say Yes to the Dress,” Jocelyn also explains that less is truly more when it comes to who you bring with you. This is all about the bride’s vision, and with more opinions comes way, way more complications. (13:40)

Jocelyn makes recommendations for brides who are preparing to start the process of dress shopping, and they are SO helpful! (18:13) Believe us – she’s got some you didn’t think of. (And a warning against neon green underwear!) (27:20)

Jocelyn chats about making a dress your own, and the ability to truly customize a gown way beyond what most brides expect. (32:30) She also talks trends, and we’re LOVING what we’re hearing (35:40) She also goes over the importance of what your fiancé wears – which SO often gets ignored! “Go make him try stuff on!” 

Jocelyn talks bridesmaids! (41:00) You’re definitely going to want to hear this before you bring your girls in.  She reviews mother-of-the-bride and groom “rules” (or lack of them!) and finally, has some awesomely helpful advice when it comes to shoes. (49:00)

All in all, Jocelyn is EXACTLY the kind of girl we want by our side when we’re picking out THE dress.

You can read more about Jocelyn and her shop at

Caryn Grazier - Omaha Wedding Skincare and Esthetician - Simply Skin Omaha

Caryn Grazier - Omaha Wedding Skincare and Esthetician - Simply Skin Omaha

November 15, 2019


 It’s something many brides don’t think about until it’s the week before their big day and GASP – they have a massive stress break out on their hands. (Or rather, on their faces. Yikes!)

 On Episode 21 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly talks to Caryn Grazier of Simply Skin Omaha about incorporating skin care into wedding planning. If, like us, you hadn’t thought of that yet… this episode is for you!

Caryn is a licensed esthetician in Nebraska certified in holistic aesthetics, which is where her passion lies.  Through holistic skin care, Karen loves “helping people find what they want from their skin, helping them achieve their greatest goals, but doing so in a way that isn't harsh to the skin.”

She finished up school and started at a Spa and retail space – she later transitioned into a med-spa, which was a huge learning experience for her, (7:50) she has now been on her own for five years, which is an achievement all on its own.

Two years into working for herself, Karen went to a conference in Arizona where she learned about holistic skin care. (9:00) From there she chose to go through holistic skincare training and hasn’t looked back.

Caryn explains what exactly what “holistic skincare” means, and lets us know why no one should shove you into a “skin care box!” (9:50) Caryn designs a specific treatment plan for each of her clients, striving to “really customize it to their needs, their wants, and their goals.” (10:50)

 She also explains what “microcurrent” technology is, and Kelly even tries it for herself - She can already see results! (14:08). If you have time to plan before your big day – doing a series is ideal, “because it's like going to the gym for your face. So if you go to the gym once, you're not going to have a six pack. However, if you go to the gym multiple times, you're going to get that tone firmness that you want.”  A quick pick-me-up before the day of, however, is great too.

Caryn then runs down the difference between a “red carpet lift,” a “frown free forehead” and “trout mouth” (HA!) treatments – as well as several other treatment programs. We’ve got three words: SIGN. US. UP. (19:10)

Caryn shares her tips for brides wanting to start a treatment program (28:00) and suggests we should ALL be drinking a lot of water and wearing sunscreen! She also has a lot to share about spray tanning – and what to watch out for, (29:50) as well as awesome tips for your bachelorette weekend. (30:00) .

You can read more about Caryn ’s practice (or even book an appointment with her!) at

The Leekers Photography - Nebraska Wedding Photographers

The Leekers Photography - Nebraska Wedding Photographers

November 5, 2019

Can you believe this is the twentieth episode of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast?

 Neither could we, but time flies when you’re having fun!

For this episode, Kelly gets together with Josh and Aubrey Leeker of The Leekers Photography.

Josh and Aubrey Leeker are a husband and wife photography  team out of Lincoln, specializing in weddings and engagements. They’re going on their tenth year in the biz.

Interestingly, they got their photography start while teaching English in South Korea, (1:45) which is definitely not the most “typical” way to get into the wedding industry! (Though something we’ve learned in these 20 episodes is there’s no such thing as “typical!” ) While there, they joined a photography club and covered events for a local magazine. Their hobby soon turned into a passion – which is when they decided to get serious and turn it into their full-time business. (2:41)

Josh and Aubrey also chat about how they met – and let’s just say it’s summer-camp-teen-movie adorable. We’ll let you listen for yourselves, but yeah. It’s really stinkin’ cute. (4:30) In fact, their whole story is really stinkin’ cute. You’re going to want to hear it.

In describing their style, the Leekers site a “journalistic” approach (10:00), honed in from their beginnings as event photographers. They now combine this attention to capturing the event  – and each intimate, important moment - with a love for classic portraiture. The results, as you could imagine, are stunning.  

They discuss wedding photography trends, photographers moving away from “posed” images, and why they find timelines SO very important: “When you have guests who've traveled the world to come celebrate with you, it's our job to stay on top of that and not be frolicking a field while they're waiting for dinner.” (13:55)

 As always, Kelly asks Josh and Aubrey to tell her three things their couples may not know about them.  Let’s just say the cute keeps on coming. The Leekers are #CoupleGoals, guys.

 Speaking of which, they also share valuable advice for working with your spouse (18:30). Not too surprisingly, it all comes down to trust and communication.

 When asked what they wish clients asked more often – the Leekers want to know what clients want to ultimately get out of the experience and what they think they need. (23:29) They describe what their own packages and deliverables look like, and why that works for them. (24:41) as well as how they narrowed down their business and found their niche. (28:00)

You won’t want to miss this episode!

You can see Josh and Aubrey’s stunning work, as well as learn more about them, at


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